Just as Craft Masonry has its 'Lodges of Instruction' and Chapter its 'Chapters of Improvement' so Knights Templar have Preceptories of Improvement.

It may be possible to 'learn the words' from the book but you can't learn how to put them over and carry out the correct actions at the right times. By going regularly to your nearest Preceptory of Improvement you will not only learn when to get up and sit down, when and where to move and all the sword drill but you will also you will be coached in the best way to put the ceremony over with understanding to the candidate.

We have two Preceptories in Surrey:

The Chertsey Preceptory of Improvement meeting at;
The Chertsey Masonic Hall,
Masonic Hall Road,
Chertsey KT6 9DH
This meets on the first Sunday of each month from September to April inclusive, starting at 9.45 for 10.00am.

and The Selsdon Preceptory of Improvement meeting at:
The Redhill and Reigate Masonic Centre,
Nutfield Road,
Redhill RH1 4ED
This meets on the third Sunday of each month from September to May inclusive, starting at 10.00 for 10.30am.

All knights, no matter what your rank or experiance, will be welcome at both these Preceptories of Improvement. You don't need to bring your regalia, just your sword and belt.

Further details may be obtained from the Vice-Chancellor