News from the Order

Here you will find 2016 News and Reports from Surrey Priory of the Masonic Orders of the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta and the Order in general. Click on the links below to view the stories.

2016 News

25.11.16 The 25th Anniversary Muster of Praesidium Legati Preceptory
18.11.16 Great Priory of Malta Appointments and Promotions
16.11.16 Surrey Knights at the Suth Seaxe Lodge of St Andrew
25.10.16 A Bible and Banner Dedication at the St Michael at Bisley Preceptory
21.10.16 Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard at the Craft Amalgamation Meeting
19.10.16 Provincial Priory of Malta Meeting
18.10.16 Visit to the Provincial Priory of London
12.09.16 Provincial Priory of Surrey Service of Rededication and Thanksgiving
25.08.16 The Provincial Priory of Surrey Family BBQ
14.07.16 The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Provincial Priory of Surrey
14.07.16 The Provincial Prior’s Address to Provincial Priory on Saturday 9th July 2016
15.06.16 St Saviours Preceptory
11.05.16 Family Fun Day
08.02.16 Another Candidate for Croydon Preceptory
26.02.16 A Full Team visit to Praesidium Legati Preceptory