Stephen Langton Preceptory’s Christmas Meeting

As has now become a custom, the Provincial Officers and Bodyguard were invited to share the Christmas meeting of the Stephen Langton Preceptory by one of its members, RE.Kt. Knight Michael Banbury, Provincial Prior of Surrey. A regular visitor to their Christmas meeting was RE.Kt. Stewart Middleton, Provincial Prior to East Anglia, accompanied by his Provincial Marshal, E.Kt. Richard Hawes, who kindly acted as Provincial Deputy Marshal.

After the Preceptory was opened the Provincial Marshal, E.Kt. Chris Eley, entered and advised the Eminent Preceptor, Em.Kt. David Morgan that the Rt.Em.Kt. Michael Banbury, Provincial Prior of Surrey was in the ante-room and demanded admission to the Preceptory. The Provincial Prior of Surrey entered and was greeted by the Eminent Preceptor. The Provincial Prior was then saluted with 7 after which he greeted everyone.

Following the election of Kt. Jim Cranefield as Eminent Preceptor he was installed as Eminent Preceptor in a most sincere manner by the Eminent Preceptor, Em.Kt. David Morgan.

The Eminent Preceptor then invited the Rt. Em. Provincial Prior to present a Great Priory Certificate to Knight Geoffrey Turner, which he did in a very enjoyable and informative manner.

The Treasurer presented a silver napkin clip to Rt.Em.Kt Michael Banbury in appreciation for all he has done both for the Province and Stephen Langton Preceptory over the past few years. The Rt.Em. Provincial Prior thanked the members of the Preceptory for their kind gift which he will always treasure.
The Preceptory was then closed and a Priory of Knights of Malta was opened and Kt. Jim Cranefield was installed as Eminent Prior.

The Knights then closed the Priory in peace and harmony and dined together in fraternal union, singing carols accompanied by E.Kt. Glyn Harvey on the organ. E.Kt. Glyn led the Knights in a very moving tribute in memory of the first Christmas in the trenches, which included some songs of the period as well as popular carols, which all the Knights present joined in.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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