St Saviours Preceptory

Well, at the thought of low numbers, we got through our March meeting in a most splendid manner and with lots of support from the Knights of the Province.

St Saviours Preceptory

We were preparing to rehearse the Installation of a Knight (Plan A), with a backup plan (Plan B) prepared by Adrian Bean should numbers fail to materialise.

The response to a call for support worked fine and what support we got. Eight Knights from the Province confirmed their intention to attend with six of them dining. There was also support from a R.E. Knight Patrick P Crossan (AKA Provincial Prior of Surrey).

Numbers being good it was decided to revert to Plan A and perform the rehearsal of Installation of a Knight, but with all the offices filled where could we get a candidate? It was then the RE Provincial Prior asked if he could volunteer to act as candidate in order to get things rolling. He was told to behave himself and so we had a great and most enjoyable meeting.

I am confident that the Eminent Preceptor and Knights of St Saviours would like to thank our Provincial Prior and all those Knights that gave up their evening to support St Saviours Preceptory at this very auspicious meeting.

Article by Tony Mullard photo by Adrian Bean

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