The Provincial Prior’s Address to Provincial Priory on Saturday 9th July 2016

Rt Emt Knights, Emt Knights, Knights all, This is my first address to you at the Chapter of Provincial Priory in my role as Provincial Prior. The year has been; exciting, rewarding and enjoyable.

Following in the footsteps of two illustrious Priors; Rt Emt Kt Michael and his predecessor, Rt Emt Kt Bryan, was not only an honour, but a challenge. However, the mentoring and support I received from these two Eminent Knights was extremely valuable and very much appreciated. To them both I say a ‘sincere thank you’.

As I reflected on what to include in my address today, several key points came to mind:

On a happier note, several members of the Province were awarded Great Priory Appointments and Promotions. Emt Kts Ian Smith, Chris Eley, John Baker, John Marshall and John Coleman Congratulations to you all.

The role performed by the Bodyguard cannot be overstated. The support they provide to me is exceptional. The do not have ‘favoured child status’, instead they are a committed group of Knights who assist in many of the demands that arise within the Province, not least of all, keeping me under control.

The age profile of knights within the Province is interesting and it is pleasing to see that we appear to have the right balance of ‘the spirit of youth’ being guided by the wisdom of the ‘elders’. However, we must continue to attract members to our Order so that we not only remain strong in numbers but, capable of performing our ceremonies and producing good leaders.

To achieve this objective I believe that: The Regalia we wear can, to the uninitiated, appear be locked in a ‘time warp’. The contrary is the case and every part of it is as Symbolic now as it was centuries ago. The symbol of the ‘Cross’ is powerful yet consoling.

Our image can be further enhanced through discussion and reference to the Templars Hymn AND some Pop Tunes! For example:

The Hollies, ‘He ain’t heavy, he’s my Brother’. The road is long with many a winding turn (Journey of life to the Promised Land)

Bill Withers, ‘Lean on me’. You just call on me Brother when you need a hand. We all need someone to lean on. I might have problem that you’ll understand. We all need somebody to lean on. (Symbolism of two Knights on a horse). Think about it!

Every Preceptory in the Province has been visited by me, the Sub-Prior, or the Vice – Chancellor. The standard of work and the welcome we received was of the highest order. In addition, invitations have been received from other Provinces, which have been a delight to attend. I encourage you all to try and come along on these external visits to see the work being done and make new contacts.

Charity can be measured in many ways; Speaking of Charity, through your generous contributions the Province has been able to make significant donations as you heard today. For that I thank you most sincerely.

Please make a note in your diary of forthcoming special events in the Province:
Please come along and support these events. At a time when the world appears to be on a collision course between; cultures, religions, political views - let us; The Provincial Year ahead will, I have no doubt, present many demands and challenges on all of us. But if we work in a spirit of optimism and be of a generous disposition there will be a reward. That reward will be at our Father’s Table when he will ask the simple question, ‘did you do your best in my name’.

Our response, we hope, will be, ‘Yes Master’. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for your support. You are truly wonderful Men and Knight Templar’s. May God watch over you and your families and keep you safe.

Patrick Peter Crossan,
Provincial Prior of Surrey,
9th July 2016

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