Regalia Exchange Heading
A complete set of Provincial Priory Officers' regalia now costs over £500.00. Providing that a brother remains active, it is not unusual for him to be promoted after a few years necessitating the purchase of new items of regalia.

In these circumstances, it seems sensible to recycle Provincial Officers' regalia, so E.Kt. John Coleman has been appointed the Provincial Warden of Regalia as a service for members of the Provincial Priory of Surrey. The scheme will put brother Knights with regalia surplus to their requirements in touch with fellow Knights in need of regalia for their new ranks.

Knights who either need regalia or who have regalia to sell are invited to complete the form (please assist by writing in BLOCK CAPITALS) and send it to E.Kt. John Coleman at the email address indicated. Please send your queries and completed forms to E.Kt. John Coleman at and he will be happy to advise newly appointed Knights about the regalia that they will need.

E.Kt. John Coleman will confirm the regalia database entry with those submitting items for reuse for checking; and he will send to those seeking items regalia the email addresses of Knights who wish to pass on or sell items of regalia. No addresses or telephone numbers will be passed on. The Province play is not responsible for any exchange negotiations and it is left to the two Knights to come to terms about price, delivery, etc.

Please note:
1. The scheme, which is a service for Knight of the Provincial Priory of Surrey, applies only to regalia for past and present Provincial Priory of Surrey Office and Grand Rank for the United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas.
2. The service is only available to Knights who agree that their details (name, email address and items) can be kept on a computer and sent to prospective Knights in need of items. Submission of this form implies that Knights agree to these conditions.
3. There is no charge for the service; however, Knights who do not send a completed form will not receive any response.
4. If you wish to acquire regalia for more than one Office, or from more than one supplier, please complete a separate form for each. (This form is in a printable format).
5. E.Kt. John Coleman will not keep any regalia - he will only put Knights in touch with each other. In the case of a widow wishing to pass on her deceased husband's regalia. It is suggested that the Preceptory Registrar or Almoner act as her agent.
6. Knights may wish to donate their old regalia (or the proceeds of its sale) to the Provincial Priors Benevolent Fund – for the Eye Hospital at Jerusalem.
7. Knights who sell, or pass on, regalia must inform E.Kt. John Coleman, so that he can remove their details from the database