Regalia of the Order
When you are first admitted to the United Orders you are normally expected to provide yourself with just the regalia of a Knight Templar. The purchase of the regalia of a Knight of Malta is usually only contemplated as you advance in the Orders.

Knights Templar Heading   Knights of Malta Heading
Knights Templar Regalia   Knights of Malta regalia

Cap with cap badge
Leather belt with sword frog
Black Gloves
Breast Cross Jewel
Breast Star Jewel

Additional items to those for KT

Malta Mantle
Malta Tunic
Cap with cap badge
Breast Jewel

All regalia can either be obtained through the usual Masonic Regalia suppliers or, at possibly more competitive prices, through the Provincial Warden of Regalia who may be contacted via the Provincial Vice-Chancellor.

If you happen to know of any member of the Order who no longer has need of his regalia and, assuming that it is in good condition, and would like to pass it on to a new member of the Order, please do let us know. There is always a great demand for good quality second hand regalia.

For further please contact the Provincial Vice-Chancellor via the 'Contact us' section of this web site.