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The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas
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A virtual business meeting of Croydon Preceptory
In June, the Knights of Croydon Preceptory No 198 were pleased to receive the Provincial Prior of Surrey, RE.Kt. Patrick P Crossan. Also present was E.Kt. Chris Eley, Provincial Marshal.

A virtual business meeting of Croydon Preceptory

The Eminent Preceptor, E.Kt. Brian Pulley, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. The Registrar, E.Kt. Brian Hunter, read the Letter of Permission to host a Virtual Business Meeting and a Dispensation enabling them to hold the meeting by Zoom and not at their regular meeting place. The Eminent Preceptor welcomed the members of the Surrey Provincial Executive and other guests to the meeting thanking them for their support and hoping that they will enjoy the meeting. The minutes of the Virtual Business Meeting on 8th March 2021 were approved by the Bro. Knights present.

The Provincial Prior, R.E. Kt. Patrick Crossan said that he was heartened by the number of charitable donations made by Preceptories in the Province during the Pandemic. He suggested that one of the unseen elements of the pandemic is the loneliness being experienced by many people under the current restrictions and he quoted Bill Withers song ‘Lean on me’ as an example of what we can do to help others and he suggested that it should perhaps become the ‘Almoners Anthem’.

A virtual business meeting of Croydon Preceptory

He recommended that all Bro. Knights in the Province should attend the Virtual Annual Meeting to be held by Zoom on Saturday 10th July at 11am and he urged members not to coerce any members who are reluctant to attend meetings in person when we are permitted to do so.

He also said that he hoped that we would be back to normal before the scheduled Malta Annual Meeting on Friday 17th September at Surbiton. In the meantime, he urged the Bro. Knights to read the ritual in readiness for a return.

He announced that he will be holding a Virtual meeting for Registrar’s and Almoners soon to enable Preceptories to plan for the return of normal meetings. He thanked the Preceptory for their donation to the Eye Hospital and he reported that the regular commitment to the hospital previously made by the USA has been restored.

The Provincial Prior, R.E. Kt. Patrick Crossan, closed by saying it was an honour and a privilege to hold the office of Provincial Prior and he thanked all Bro. Knights for their tolerance and patience, and he urged all Bro. Knights to Stay Safe and Keep Well.

After once again thanking everyone for attending the meeting the Eminent Preceptor declared the meeting closed.

Article and photos by Chris Eley